Dromtine and Loch Choimíní Aitinn – 10 March ’24







A visit to the Dromtine standing stone and the hidden heights and Loch Choimíní Aitinn between Dromtine, Sneem and An Dromod.

Photos From The Day

This walk led by Fergal Harrington will allow both A and B Groups to set off together into the heart of the Sneem Mountains. Crossing over the Sneem River, we’ll pass the impressive Dromtine Standing stone, measuring approx 4m tall.

Both Groups will continue along the track, muddy and wet in places, into the coom. Here the walls of the billiard pocket-like coom walls rise over 400m upwards with a number of streams cascading downwards.

From here A and B groups will separate with the B walkers retracing their step towards the start point. The A walk group begins a 200m ascent up the coom wall to the plateau at the top. Sure footedness, use of handholds and a head for heights is required for this section. Closeby, a number of small streams and two small lakes guard the entrance to the Loch Choimíní Aitinn or Coomavanniha Lough.

Just a little further, we are welcomed to a world of glaciated landscapes and old red sandstone, one of the most spectacular views that you’ll find in the Sneem Mountains. Chomíní Aitinn in Irish translates as the lake in the hollow of gorse.

We’ll find some shelter here for a snack and to take in the views before beginning our return journey along the same route.

Happy Walking!

With all advertised walks please bear in mind that these can change at short notice due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Meeting point for these walks (unless otherwise noted) is outside Dan Murphy’s Bar in Sneem at 10AM. Please ensure that you are registered on the Sneem Walking Club’s Whatsapp Group for updates. Please note that dogs are not allowed on our walks, as we walk on privately owned land with the kind permission of the owners / farmers.

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